Personal, Social, Spiritual and Emotional Development

Leadership Team

Mrs Hill

Miss Suffolk


Treales CE Primary School actively promotes Christian values. Our Christian values-based approach encourages commitment, effort and high standards in all that we do and enables children to discuss, explore and reflect upon those values we live by, which make us thoughtful, caring and responsible citizens. Our main Christian values are:

Justice     Community     Truth     Courage     Peace     Love

We explore different Christian values during collective worship and in lessons. Through this work all of the children in school develop a better understanding of each value’s meaning and how it will impact their lives.


The RE curriculum at Treales CE Primary School is based on the agreed syllabus provided by Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education. This syllabus aims to embed Questful RE with the additional ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource with the key purpose of supporting pupils in developing their own thinking and their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it.

Through the study of other religions, and by developing links to other schools in England and across the world, we aim is to promote an attitude of understanding and tolerance through increasing children’s knowledge about other people’s beliefs, values and religious practices. Reaching out into the community and making links with charities play an important part of our life here at Treales.

Our alliance with the Church is very important to us and we are blessed to have members of the church on the Governing Body. This has ensured that Christian beliefs are at the heart of the school’s work.

We have a daily act of worship which we feel is central to the school day. Children participate in this worship through story, drama, prayer and discussion. We say the Lord’s Prayer daily along with many other prayers which we feel are an important part of our school and Christian lives. This is a strong feature of our worship, and helps our children to prepare themselves to take part in Church Services. Children are also given periods of time for reflection and contemplation. This time for quiet reflection, sometimes using a candle, an image or music to help focus, helps children to balance and settle their busy minds.