Our Curriculum

How much better to get wisdom than gold to get insight rather than silver!

Proverbs 16:16

Treales CE Primary School seeks to provide a broadambitious curriculum that is sequenced and designed to provide all of our learners with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Above all, a curriculum that places our students at the very heart of the learning process, putting their interests first and foremost at all times.

In summary, a curriculum that:

  • provides an ambitiouschallenging and inclusive education for all our learners from Reception to Year 6
  • identifies the knowledge and skills that our learners need to achieve their goals
  • is progressive, building on the knowledge, concepts and vocabulary secured previously by our learners
  • supports the effective recall of concepts and knowledge through the regular use of assessment strategies
  • contains activities that always actively support the desired learning objectives
  • establishes clear links between knowledge in one subject and other areas of study
  • is coherentsequential and integrated so that our learners can build on their prior knowledge and connect key concepts
  • is tailored to the needs of our learners
  • is accessible to all our learners regardless of their prior attainment, gender, beliefs, ethnicity or social circumstances
  • is concept and knowledge based with a specific focus on providing our students with the vocabulary that they need to apply their understanding of the world
  • is simple enough to be shared and understood by all our stakeholders
  • stimulates creativitycuriosity and critical reflection
  • encourages trust, cooperation and collaboration
  • empowers our learners to recognise the importance of tolerancekindness and respect for social diversity
  • is led and owned by all school staff

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