Curriculum Overview

At Treales CE Primary School, we are community where all are welcome to learn and flourish. Every child is given the opportunity to Be Mighty through our ambitious curriculum, supported by Christian values and teachings. 

Our curriculum aims to and is designed so that children grow in knowledge and skills at each stage of their education, building on prior learning, to enable them to progress in all areas. We see our curriculum as the broad foundation which will allow children to flourish. Key skills and knowledge branch out and link with other areas of the curriculum making learning meaningful.

We encourage hard work and perseverance within a caring and stimulating environment. Our entire community is made strong through collaboration: learning, supporting and challenging each other.

Our curriculum provides the opportunities for these traits to be developed. Key skills and knowledge are practised and embedded so that children can apply their skills and knowledge to different learning situations and remember more.

We challenge and support children to be bold; taking risks, leading their own learning and developing critical thinking to become life-long learners.

Our curriculum offer is full, broad and varied and challenges all children to experience new learning whilst encouraging exploration of themes, ideas and beliefs unfamiliar to them. This is unique to our school and is a response to our rural community where wider opportunities are not available for all. The curriculum celebrates the community’s heritage as well as extending children’s horizons.

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