Accelerated Reader - A guide for parents

Accelerated Reader is an online learning portal that allows the children to take mini-quizzes on the books they have read. Usually, the children read books that are within their personal score (ZPD) and will log in to take the quiz and answer the questions. Children can read books independently, with the support of an adult or in a class or group and an adult can read the quiz questions out loud. Just make sure you click the button saying this has been done before you take the quiz.


To log on to the Accelerated Reader, you must use the hyperlink below as googling it will not work. The website is specific to our school. Additionally, the children will need to use their specific login and password to gain access (you can get these from your class teacher). 


Parents also can see their child's progress by logging into HomeConnect using the login details provided at Parents' Evening. 


Children also have access to MyON - an online library of over 6000 books. The login is the same as for AR. 

Files to Download